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Student Accommodation

IHM –Ranchi provides accommodation for students in either the gentlemen’s or the ladies hostel. The charges for the room and the surcharge will be notified from time to time.


Cleaning and Tidiness of Hostel Rooms

The hostel room has to be cleaned properly once a week and bed linen must be cleaned twice a week or as required. As part of the housekeeping training, students will be required to clean their rooms in all respects. All corridors and common areas in the hostels as also in the academic block will be cleaned by the Institute housekeeping staff.


Waste and Rubbish

All waste and rubbish must be placed in bags, which when full is to be tied and deposited in the containers in the designated places. Under no circumstances should waste and rubbish be placed in the corridors. Students are asked not to throw anything out of the windows or to store anything on the outside window ledge.


Storage of Luggage

Students may bring their personal belongings in suitcases and bags. These will have to be emptied except a small bag and all the personal items will be kept in the cupboards and bed drawers. Students will be required to take away all their personal belongings and suitcases at the end of each session or in case of rustication etc.


Bed Linen

The Institute will not provide bed linen. Students may bring their own bed linen, pillows, towels and toiletries. All clothes and other items of the students should be marked with black indelible ink with name and room number. This will be compulsory and no item can be kept in the room without such marking. This will assist in minimizing misplacements and disputes.


Electrical Gadgets

No TV or electrical gadgets are allowed in the hostel rooms except a laptop, music system and a heater in the winter months.

Students are welcome to bring mugs, flask, water gadgets, etc. of their choice.



Students will have to be inside the campus before (8:00 PM) and in their rooms before 10:00 PM every night (Sunday to Friday). No TV viewing or games will be allowed in the common areas after this time. Students may have a night out on Saturday. However, this will still be with permission of the hostel warden. Permission to go out during the weeknights including Sunday night will be given only in exceptional circumstances under the discretion of the Principal/Warden.


Students should avoid making loud noises, through talking or music, etc. so that other students are not disturbed. Students will have to abide by any request by a fellow student or staff member on account of excessive noise. Students should ensure that noise in the accommodation buildings and in the Institute campus, in general, is kept to a minimum at all times, and particularly between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Students coming back after 10:00 PM (When on ODC) are asked to do so quietly.



Hosteller Students are entitled to have all four meals (breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner) on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays during the academic term in the mess. During weekdays breakfast and dinner will be provided in hostel mess. Lunch will be provided to all students (including hostellers.) in the Institute. There are no charges for the same. Timings for the meal will be notified and must be adhered to.



The Institute encourages parents and family members to visit. However, they will be requested to adhere to certain timings to meet the students to avoid interference with the academic schedule. Parents and family members are welcome to eat in the mess on fixed charges. However, prior information for this may be given to the mess manager, as far as possible. Parents and family members can visit the students in the hostel also but entry in the room will only be with the permission from the warden and on his/her absence from the Principal.


Medical Assistance: Institute makes arrangements for minor ailments like colds, headaches, etc. For any major treatment parents will be informed to do needful.


Institute may alter or change above guidelines as per the need of the hour, which will be binding on all the students.


Refund of Hostel Fees: 

Within 1 month- 25k 

Within 02 months- 20k 

Months will be calculated: i.e. if a student withdraws on any date of the current month, full month charge i.e.  Rs. 5000 shall be applicable.

Prior approval of warden and Principal is mandatory before leaving the hostel.



  1. Eligible students for hostel (As per the NCHMCT list) should clear all the fees related to hostel as per the guideline given by IHMCTAN, Ranchi.
  2. While taking allotment for the hostel room students must carry
    1. College allotment certificate
    2. Hostel allotment certificate
    3. 2 recent passport size colour photos
    4. Copy of address proof (govt. Provided)
    5. Copy of Photo ID (Govt. Provided)
    6. Copy of Parents/Guardians address proof
    7. Copy of Parents/guardians Photo ID


  1. Hostel room allotment can be done by hostel authorities only; student’s or guardian’s request about selection of room cannot be accepted.
  2. While releasing hostel room (after the end of even semester), room will be thoroughly checked by hostel authority. Any kind of damages of room, furniture and fixtures needs to be compensated by the concerned hosteller only.
  3. Parents/guardians are advised to register their contact number and e-mail id to hostel forms. That registered phone number/mail id should be used for communicating to hostel authorities regarding night-out, late night out permissions and other official communications. Except for those Phone number and e-mail id no other phone number or e-mail id will be entertained for official communication related to their ward.
  4. Hostel seats will be allotted on first come first serve basis
  5. Student once expelled from the hostel on disciplinary ground will not be eligible for hostel seat allotment further.
  6. Allotment list of hostel seat for each semester will be published in college website and institute notice board 7 days prior to commencement of session.



  1. The college starts at 9:00 AM, students are expected to reach class in complete uniform as per the time table.
  2. Students must reach college for their classes as per the time table. 
  3. During lunch hours students may come back to hostel for changing uniforms.
  4. After college hours students can go out from the campus after signing the IN-OUT Register duly.
  5. Students must ensure that they come back to the college campus by following stipulated time i.e 7:00 PM
  6. All hostellers must give their attendance at 8:00 PM sharp; missing this will be treated as a serious violation of discipline.
  7. Hostel gate will be locked at 10:00 PM. After that students cannot go out of the hostel building
  8. Common TV and activity room will be closed at 11:00 PM sharp.
  9. It is strictly not allowed to go to other fellow hostel-mate rooms after 11:30 PM till 6:00 AM in the morning.
  10. Students will be served with the meals at a stipulated time from hostel dining hall only, beyond this period hostel authority will not allow service of food from the dining hall.
    1. Breakfast – 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM
    2. Lunch – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
    3. Evening Tea – 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM
    4. Dinner – 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  1. Hostellers are not allowed to stay in the room between 8:45 AM to 1:00 PM and 1:55 PM to 5:30 PM on college working days (As per the college time table) however if any hostellers not attending college due to illness must report to warden/Hostel AO before 8:45 AM through a written application, and seek proper permission. If the concerned hosteller cannot attend college for consecutive two days a medical report must be submitted to the hostel on the second day by 8:00 PM.
  1. However, hostel authority will surely help the student to get proper basic medication.
  1. If any hostellers want to go for a “Night-out” on weekends or holidays a night-out form to be duly filled to obtain the permission from the authority. (for self-night out authority holders)
  2. For a student who does not have self – night out authority, must ask their parents/guardian to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to the hostel warden and then fill in the night-out forms.
  3. However for night-out on working days, the entire hosteller should ask their parents/guardian to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to the hostel warden and then fill in the night-out forms.
  4. Night-out forms for weekdays can be signed till 5:00 PM, and students are informed to request their parents to send the SMS by 4:30 PM, otherwise, it will not be processed on the same day.
  5. For weekends and holidays the entire process of night-out should be completed by 2:00 PM only on that day.
  6. Hostel authority advices students not to leave for night out after 9:30 PM till 5:00 AM, however in case of a lately scheduled train/flight/bus, a copy of ticket and SMS from parents are required.
  7. During industrial training, hostellers must maintain another register daily while going out or coming back to the campus.
  8. On off-days during industrial training hostellers must give attendance at 8:00 PM sharp, like other students.
  9. In case of night duty during industrial training, students must inform the hostel authority in advance (through a format), otherwise it will be treated as serious offence.
  10. In case a hosteller leaves hostel in mid of the year hostel fees will not be refunded, however caution money can be refunded.
  11. If a hosteller expelled from the hostel he/she will not eligible for any refunds.
  12. After the even semester examination, students must vacate the hostel within 48 hours from the last examination.
  13. Once the hostel room clearance formalities are over students must vacate the room immediately.



  1. Hostellers are responsible to keep their room clean. Unhygienic room conditions will not be tolerated, and concerned member can be punished in the mean of fine or even rustication from hostel.
  2. IHM Ranchi campus is a “Plastic Free” zone so students are instructed to discard polythene which is not compliable to local regulatory standard to the plastic bin at the entry point.
  3. All the hostellers need to arrange a small DRY WASTE BIN in their room, which needs to be cleared every day to the floor’s main dustbin.
  4. While mopping and sweeping of the room floor will be done by the college housekeeping staff students are requested to cooperate with them by being present in the room.
  5. Any maintenance defect in the room or floor (electrical, plumbing, carpentry) must be reported to hostel authority immediately to solve the problem; students should not try to solve any kind of maintenance problem by themselves.
  6. All valuables must be kept under lock and key with the responsibilities of the concerned, hostel authority will not take any responsibility in case of loss or damage of it.
  7. While not in room students must lock the room and cupboard properly and should ensure that no electrical equipments are on unnecessarily. Violation of this rule will be treated as punishable offence.
  8. Electrical gadgets like Irons, immersion heaters are not allowed inside the room. Plug points can be used for mobile phone, laptop or mosquito repellents.
  9. Music systems, TV are not allowed in the room. Students can listen to music using ear-plugs only.



  1. RAGGING is a cognizable offence by the verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India; College has a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ policy about it. Any reported case of ragging (among senior, junior or batch-mates) will be dealt with seriously as per the order and guideline given by Hon’ble Supreme Court.
  2. Possession/consumption of alcohol/narcotics is strictly prohibited. Any student found in drunken state or under influence of narcotics will be dealt with seriously.
  3. For the above cases expulsion/suspension/rustication from both hostel and college may happen.
  4. Students are advised to report such events immediately to the authority otherwise all the fellow room-mates will also be accused of the same charge.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in public area and corridors.
  6. Damaging of hostel or institute’s property is a serious crime, which can be dealt with fine/expulsion/rustication from college and hostel both.
  7. Hostel premises, walls, furniture and fixtures should not be disfigured by writing or scratching, this may lead to heavy monetary fine.
  8. Any type of misbehavior with fellow students, staffs will not be tolerated.
  9. Any visitors are not allowed in hostel rooms. Students can meet their visitors in common areas like dining room/activity area.