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General Rules:

As you are joining IHM Ranchi Family, you are expected to:



  • Comply with the rules and regulations of NCHMCT & IHM Ranchi which is issued or will be issued from time to time.  
  • Conduct yourself in a congenial and respectable manner in your transactions with your faculty, staff members and fellow students.
  • Protect and preserve the environment and resources of IHM Ranchi.
  • Accept responsibility for the jobs assigned to you during the process of learning.
  • Participation in academic and extracurricular activities both in individual capacity or group will always be appreciated and rewarded in IHM Ranchi. The rules and regulations as mentioned in this handbook are utmost necessary for creating cohesive environment & development of personality, skills and positive professional attitude towards the chosen profession which is hospitality and service sector.



To create uniformity, disciplined environment and maintain a professional interface with the industry, dress code and grooming guidelines are listed below. It is mandatory for all students to wear the prescribed uniform in their respective practical and theory classes. For the remaining time in the Institute all students are advised to strictly follow the dress code as mentioned below: 



For Boys:

  • No other dress except General Uniform (Black Trousers, White Shirt Full Sleeves and Uniform Tie) will be allowed.
  • Even if there is no class, entering Institute in Jeans and T-shit is not allowed.
  • Always keep the shirts tucked in and do not keep the sleeves rolled up.
  • Wear Formal shoes (Oxford black) and black socks.
  • Tattoos should not be visible.
  • Except for religious purpose do not wear ornaments like Ear rings or bangles
  • Any kind of hair dye and spiked hairstyle is strictly prohibited.
  • The final year students should wear black coat in winter and the 1 st and 2 nd year students should wear V-necked black pullover without any design.
  • Wearing of Name Plate is mandatory for all students during college hours.


For Girls:

  • No other dresses except General Uniform like Black Trousers, White Shirt Full Sleeves and Black Scarf will be allowed.
  • Even if there is no class, entering Institute wearing Jeans and T-shirt is not allowed.
  • Always keep the shirts tucked in and do not keep the sleeves rolled up.


Observing the dress/grooming code is mandatory for all students even during their visit to the Institute on vacation/ IT/deputed for any official work, failing which strict disciplinary steps would be initiated. For any clarification on the above points, students can meet the HODs or Principal.







  • Clean, neatly – appropriate styled hair
  • Short and well – combed 
  • Sides not covering the ears
  • No long side locks
  • Non-oily appearance
  • Use of hair gels not Permitted
  • Use of hair color, bleached hair not permitted
  • Sikh students should take proper care of their hair beard and wear a turban at all times.
  • Clean, neatly – styled hair
  • Short hair must be styled
  • away from the face and kept
  • off the shoulders
  • Long hair should be tied in a bun, ponytail or plait
  • Pins, ribbons and hairbands used to keep the hair in place must be conservative and black in color
  • Non-oily appearance, use of hair color, bleached hair not permitted.


  • All students should have neatly –trimmed nails.
  • All students should have neatly – trimmed nails
  • Ladies using nail polish must maintain it properly, it should not be chipped or unclean
  • But use of nail polish in Food Production class is prohibited.



  • Expensive and showy Watches
  • Piercing of the earlobes
  • Visible tattoo marks
  • Use of rings
  • Wearing chains and Bracelets
  • Carrying and usage of mobile 
  • Expensive and showy Watches
  • Flashy Earring and nose pins
  • Visible tattoo marks
  • Use of Henna not permitted
  • Too much use of jewellery & strong perfumes
  • Carrying and usage of mobile phone in the campus


The nature of work involved requires a lot of physical activity. Thus, it is essential that all the students should take extra care of their health and hygiene. Personal hygiene is an essential part of personality and personal appearance. Since we are food handlers so personal and area hygiene is of utmost importance. Parents are advised to take extra care of their ward for the health benefits:

  • Take a bath at least once a day.
  • It is advisable to bath twice a day during summer months.
  • Take precautions to prevent any kind of body, mouth, socks or sweat odour.
  • Male students should shave every day for a clean appearance. No goatees or French beards shall be permitted.
  • If it is mandatory to keep beard due to religious purpose it should be well maintained & prior permission should be taken from Institute authority. 



Library is the greatest treasure for the students’ fraternity. You all are expected to follow rules and regulations of the library for the convenience of your colleagues.

  1. Library card is issued to students after joining the institute, which is valid for six semesters. Library card is must to enter the library and of course for issuing books.
  2. Before the final exit examination library card must be returned to the institute to get the final clearance.
  3. Library operates from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM on working days (Lunch Break 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM)
  4. Student can issue reference books only for reading inside the library.
  5. Books can be borrowed from the library for a stipulated time by showing the library card.
  6. Books issued should be returned within the stipulated period for which they are issued.
  7. Students will be required to pay fine as applicable per day after the expiry of the date of return of books.
  8. In case of loss or damage of book, the concerned student needs to pay the price (the present market price) of the book plus fine as applicable.
  9. Any tampering, markings, scribbling, tearing of pages amount to misconduct and will attract disciplinary action as deemed fit.
  10. Rare, costly & single copy book will not be issued to students. They may be used for reference in the library reading room.
  11. Internet facility is available in library for the students which can be used during library period or off period only.
  12. Previous year question paper of NCHMCT should be returned on the same day within the stipulated time or else fine of  R50 (Rupees fifty) will be charged per day.
  13. Photocopy facility is available from the library on payment of  R1 (Rupee one) per copy.
  14. You are required to maintain decorum and absolute silence at all times in the library.


  1. No eatables and mobile phones are allowed inside the library.
  2. Discipline must be maintained in & around the library gossiping, loitering is strictly prohibited.
  3. If there are any queries or requisitions, students shall contact the library in-charge.
  4. Students are advised to follow library notice board for new amendments and fine amounts.
  5. Student may access the library during free period or as per the table.



Keeping in mind the student’s interest, the institute has provided internet facilities in computer lab.

  1. Silence should be maintained at all times in the computer lab.
  2. If there is any query, contact lab in-charge or the concerned faculty member in the lab class.
  3. No eatables and mobile phones shall be allowed inside the computer lab. 
    1. Students shall be given Login Id to access data and Internet.
  1. Playing games, viewing obscene sites, chatting, etc. will lead to expulsion from the computer lab and call for strict disciplinary action.



An identity card will be issued to all students at the time of joining. This card will be valid for the entire duration of the course. All Students must be in possession of this identity card at all times while you are on the premises of the campus. I-card must be produced to the guard at the time of entering campus and if demanded at other times, failing which it will attract disciplinary action. Loss of I-card should be immediately brought to the notice of the institute as well as to the local police authority immediately. A duplicate I-card will be issued upon presenting the police diary and fine amount as applicable.



  • For the benefit of the students notice boards are placed in different location of the campus to provide latest information about academics, examinations, training and placement, holidays,  extra-curricular activities, etc.
  • We have both digital and hard notice boards for circulating above information to students regularly.
  • Students are advised to refer the notice board once daily as per their convenience for updated information.
  • Institute also informs guardians about conduct, attendance, disciplinary issues, achievements of their ward through mail, e-mail and over phone hence guardians need to register their  contact details in college database during admission.
  • Students should immediately inform IHM- Ranchi of any change in their address in writing to keep their records updated for better communication with guardians.
  • All information related to vacations, time table, examination schedule, attendance percentage and examination performance, etc is also published on our website.
  • For any other information, parents may contact authority on working days between 9 AM to 5.30 PM
  • In case of any emergency, the institute may call the parents and ask them to come beyond the scheduled time also.


Fees need to be paid before commencement of semester. All fees are payable through online Banking facility, both digested & non-digested (paid by auto generated e-chalan through Demand Draft), as available at the Institute’s website Every year the term fee must be paid well in time as per the dates notified by the office on notice board and website. In case of default,  a penalty will be charged per day as late fee charge. 


If the fee is not paid by the due date then name of the students will be struck off from the class register. Student has to pay readmission charges to get his/her enrollment revived on and above the permissible fees.



All students are required to obtain No due certificate (N.O.C.) from IHM- Ranchi before appearing for the term-end examination, which is mandatory to get admit cards.

N.O.C. Includes:

  1. Depositing the library books and library cards to the library in charge to obtain NOC from library
  2. Paying all outstanding dues if any.
  3. Paying any fine levied during the course of practical for breakages, mishandling equipment’s
  4. Obtaining the Log-book (as required for industrial exposure)
  5. Vacating the locker.
  6. Any fine for indiscipline which is explained in next topic under heading of Major and Minor offences.



Working Hours: The working hours of the institute are 9:00 AM To 5:30 PM for five days a week.

Institute Regulations:

  • Every Student must always carry his/her identity card which will be supplied by the Institute office on payment.
  • The students must not absent themselves from any Institute activity without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • The Institute may take disciplinary action against a student whose conduct is not satisfactory and the fees paid will be forfeited.
  • Smoking & Drinking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Institute.
  • No student should communicate any information or write about matters dealing with Institute administration in the press.
  • Absence without leave is considered a breach of discipline.
  • The Institute authorities cannot accept any liability in respect of any accident caused to a student while engaged in practical work or due to any other causes
  • Any change of address should be immediately notified for Institute's records. Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Institute.



The teaching hours are scheduled in a manner that students will get very little time for leisure during the college hours. It is essential to maintain absolute silence during class hours between change of classes, in the library and restrooms and in the corridors/ Public area.


Any student violating aforesaid norms will be termed indiscipline and punished accordingly.


The Institute belongs to the students and its maintenance and upkeep should be their top priority. Any attempt to disfigure or damage the college property will be considered a serious offence and may result in paying fines and call for strict disciplinary action. Absolute cleanliness must be maintained while working in the designated operational areas during practical classes including Food Production lab, F&B Service lab, Front Office lab, Housekeeping lab and Computer lab and the entire campus. Graffiti (writing on walls), disfiguring or damaging walls in the lecture rooms, labs, toilets, public area, etc. of the Institute and hostel will be considered an act of serious misconduct, leading to strict disciplinary action besides fine


Lockers are allotted to students and it is not permitted to share lockers for security reasons. Graffiti (writing on walls), tampering with the lockers in the locker room, damaging walls in the lecture rooms, labs, toilets, public area, etc. will be considered an act of serious misconduct, leading to strict disciplinary action besides fine.


Students are discouraged from bringing valuable items including jewellery, expensive watches, shoes and mobile phones to the campus. It is the responsibility of the students to safeguard all their belongings and secure them in their allotted lockers. The Institute will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to student’s property or belongings.




Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during the working hours of the Institute. The Institute does not allow students to bring mobile phones in the lecture halls, labs, computer lab and library. If found using, mobile will be confiscated immediately without any explanation.


Violations of good conduct and ethical behavior in the Institute have been divided into 3 parts, depending on seriousness of the offence including punishment starting from severe in case of major offences and light for minor offence.


  • Ragging of junior students.
  • Consumption of alcohol/drugs.
  • Criminal assault on any other person inside or outside the Institute, which is serious enough to warrant a police report (whether lodged or not).
  • Molestation of another person (student, staff or any other person)
  • Attempt to molest or sexual harassment in the form of indecent remarks
  • Indecently attempting to touch a student or person of the same or opposite sex
  • Attempts either individually or in a group to bully someone.
  • Going out of the campus without permission or returning from leave/night out later than the prescribed time, for unduly long periods.
  • Smoking as it is prohibited for students inside the entire campus.
  • Misuse of Institute email network by sending junk mail, offensive, harassing or illegal communications to other students, faculty or outsiders.
  • Cheating or plagiarism in the presentations, evaluation tests and examinations.
  • Causing serious injuries to another person in a deliberate manner.
  • Theft or serious damage to property of another student or person of the institute. This will include electronic password, information in the network which is confidential for someone else or the institute, etc.


Any of the above or other which the Institute may notify as a major offence may lead to immediate suspension. Parents/guardians will be notified with a request to come to the Institute. An inquiry will be conducted on the incident and the punishment may include rustication/dismissal of the student if found guilty.



  • Not reporting to duty or activity which has been assigned to the student.
  • Using abusive language will be considered unbecoming of a person in the Institute.
  • Shouting at/or blatant disobeying of instructions of faculty and other authorities in the Institute.
  • Causing minor injuries to another person in a deliberate manner.
  • Going out of the campus without permission or not returning back within prescribed time, for violations of small time periods.
  • Coming out in attire or appearance which is in violation of rules and applied to the students.
  • Disobeying any rules or code of conduct as prescribed in this handbook.
  • Any other misconduct or wrongful act unbecoming of a student of the Institute of hospitality management.


Punishment to minor offences will be warnings, suspension, fine or calling guardians etc. leading to more severe punishment and fines on repeated offences. If a student repeatedly involves himself/herself in minor offences and does not improve then without warning Principal may impose punishment of major offences.